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As you may have seen in my mailers, I have ideas for the future of Ponce Inlet.

During my 17 years as a resident of the town, I have talked with a number of people who have great ideas for our town. I want to share them and open dialogue with all citizens to hear their ideas.

We have already accomplished great things. The 41-acre Ponce Preserve property was made whole when the council on which I served purchased the last parcel. The integrity of the Preserve was maintained when we voted not to put the new town hall inside the Preserve. We also completed the management plan during that time which has resulted in the beautiful asset we now have.The 8-acre property now known as Timucuan Oaks Botanical Gardens was acquired by the same council with a generous grant from the Florida Communities Trust and assistance from the Trust for Public Land.


Integrity and the Coconut Telegraph

Those of us who have been here a while are aware of the existence of a group of people who work in the shadows and put out unidentified "information" right before an election. Lies and innuendos, maybe a cartoon, too - printed on one sheet of paper that is jammed in your door or hung on your mailbox flag after midnight on the day of election when there is no time to rebut with facts. This has been the norm for years. Welcome to Ponce Inlet politics.


I expect that will happen again this year. I will be at the poll all day on August 25. Ask me anything; I will give you an honest answer and, if data is available, I will prove it. 


Some in that group have reportedly been planning an all-out attack on my integrity this year. I might make mistakes, as any human does, but they are not due to a lack of sincere desire to do the right thing. A quick check of the 'Meet Nancy' page will show you the good things I have been doing since my early days in Ponce Inlet as a volunteer firefighter.


Ethics - a comment about Nancy

"I believe that we all have a desire to see in a person, and especially our elected leaders, integrity, truth, hard work, and commitment to stand for what is right and fair.  If that is your desire, you have that in Nancy Epps.  It is easy to recognize that Nancy Epps personifies the very best qualities that we as a society believe an elected official to have.  I am not a Ponce Inlet resident; however, I have had the opportunity to observe these qualities in Nancy by working with her on many projects throughout our county.


"Yes, there are those opposed to Nancy Epps’ election as Ponce Inlet mayor and are spreading rumors that she has violated election regulations in past contests.  In fact, she was cited for some election regulations.  However, I believe they were the result of errors, not ethics violations, and would have had no possible benefit to her anyway.

I have known Nancy well— professionally, politically, and personally—for a number of years and can attest that she is as ethical a person as I know.  Anyone attempting to persuade otherwise would have to be acting in a most unethical way themselves because Nancy’s integrity can be confirmed by many people with whom she has worked in the past.


"Nancy Epps truly demonstrates effective leadership!"


Joie Alexander


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